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MDI Aerosol Spray, Nasal Spray, Asthma Inhaler just for care your body

The MDI aerosol spray & Nasal Spary product is belong our Sri Lanka client. Which he has kindly provide the formulation to us, which including Beclometasone Diproionate, Salbutamol Sulhate, etc.

Here is their aerosol product, are you interested in it?


Asthma Inhaler & Thtoat Spray & Nasal Spray aerosol filling machine adopts update technology. Charging 134a or HFC-134a under cap and valves crimping in the first step by PLC control and touch screen interface. and then raw materials are filled. The machine has feature of fast speed, easy operate,accurate dosage, reliable sealing and inflation pressure can be adjusted freely. The machine could be integrated with Automatic Weighing Machine, Automatic Water-bath Leakage Tester, Automatic Pressure Actuator, Automatic Cap Presser, automatic printer into one automatic line.


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