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New launches in aerosol food packaging driven by consumer demand for convenience and reduced waste

From coffee to blini batter— dispensed from aerosol canisters, the rising trend of innovative, convenient, healthy and waste-reducing new food products has reflects sharp changes in consumer priorities.


A big part of this new interest in aerosol foods help reduce household food waste, which has become an epic issue in major markets. According to recent published reports, the average U.S. family throws out between 14 and 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy, accounting for as much as $2275 annually. A similar report from the UK states that consumers throw out 11.9 million tons of food yearly, or 45 tons per household.



Species Diversity

Nowadays, cooking sprays have become a very popular ingredient in diet cooking.

Like coffee, fruit mousse, blini and pancake batter, pastry cream, and cheese and chocolate mousse , add such products as the olive oils that first hit the market in recent years, as well as organic Sicilian lemon juice, butters, flavorings and pan release products favored by food service customers, and the aerosol food product picture sharpens.



UP to 100% product emptying

In addition, the superior emptying properties of the bag-on-valve aerosol give your customer more value for money, and help to reduce the amount of household waste.


Longer Shelf-life

Spray dispensing means getting many servings out of each container. That, in turn, makes long shelf life an important consumer benefit.




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