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2015 Seventh International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition


In recent years, it not only shared the common experiences of the aerosol and metal containers industry's rapid development but also experience the severe challenge of the global financial crisis, now our annual production of aerosol had retaining its position as third in the world, and metal packaging also plays important role. Disinfection& insecticidal products, Automotive supplies, Paints are still the main kinds of aerosol, lack of innovation is the key problem.

After 14 years' development, the exhibition has become Asian largest and most influential exchange platform for aerosol and metal packaging industry. The purposes of the event are to promote the industrial innovation, spread new technology and new products and expand the industrial communication. The activity of this year still have three themes: Enterprises Show & Communication, Annual Conference Of Aerosol Committee Of CPF & 2015 Aerosol Innovation Awards, Aerosol Innovation Forum.

Aerosol exhibition scope

All kinds of aerosol products, household health supplies, aerosol cans, aerosol valves, spray pumps, filling equipments, inspection instruments and equipments for quality control and safety surveillance, propellants, solvents and surfactant for aerosol, raw materials like fragrances and flavorings, packaging materials and manufacturing equipments.

Our company will participate in the aerosol exhibition, which will show our products to all over the world. For more information, please contact us.