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VAS semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

Now we have a good news!!!

Our VAS semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is on promotion for our 20 years anniversary day! With the strength and technical development of the company, we gradually producing more automatic aerosol filling line. like Gas cartridge aerosol filling machine line, Spray paint aerosol filling machine line.

Our semi-automatic aerosol filling machine can meet many aerosol product needs, can fill fresheners, insecticide, car fresheners, etc. here are some products of our customers


This machine is made from the former semi-automatic aerosol filling machine. It assembles the liquid filling, inflate and seal on the same table, it needs only one worker to operate it. It has high speed, high-accuracy and good stabilization. Good choice for the medium -sized and small-scale company. For more information, please contact us.