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Spray Paint Aerosol

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Since the spray paint is extensively through economic development in recent years, has developed from repair paint defects to die, industrial machinery, toys, arts and crafts, musical instruments, buildings, steel structures, advertising promotion, logo, graffiti, and other industries.  


Spray rate is an important indicator of spray paint, because it can directly affect a bottle of paint spray whether finish out, so it need glass beads to Play an important role. Then the ball dropper can suitable for your needs.


Spray paint can paint many colors for logo, graffiti, etc. you can filling kinds of colors and doesn’t affect fully automated production, not only can you selling various spray paints to your existing customers, but you can attract many new customer to expand production.


 The VAA Automatic aerosol filling line is mainly used to fill all kinds of aerosol cans with international standard 1" valve. It can be suitable for filling water, oil, etc medium-viscosity liquid, Also suitable for filling many kinds of propellant. The line can be equipped with Automatic Ball Dropper, Automatic Valve Placer, Automatic Weight Checker, Automatic Actuator Placer, automatic cap presser, automatic spray code machine, automatic water bath leakage tester, etc. For more information, please contact us.